What people have had to say about their Hadeda Creek experience:

” We have just got back to school today after a wonderful holiday and I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing camp we had at Hadeda Creek.

Everything was well organised and efficient. The food was delicious and the activities definitely kept the girls busy. I really appreciate the efforts of every member of your team. Keep up the amazing work you are all doing. ”

– Rebecca Govender | Junior School | St Mary’s

“On behalf of the Junior Primary Staff and Children, I extend sincere gratitude and thanks for a well organised and enjoyable camp. We appreciate the effort to accommodate ALL our requests, as well as, the fantastic work put in by all involved, both before and during our visit. The young age of the children was taken into consideration at all times and never did we feel that their safety was being compromised.

Thank you to all the facilitators for caring and interacting enthusiastically with the children.  You guys have unlimited patience, yet provide guidance and discipline whenever necessary.  Your kindness is visible from morning through to night. Our camp experience was a great success because of your positive attitude.  

Yet again, the food was absolutely amazing…always on time and delicious.”

– Caryn Luck | Junior Primary | HOD Village Montessori School


“Juane, the lodge is in great hands with Kevin and Dominique at the helm. The two of them stopped at nothing and worked tirelessly to accommodate our guests. They went well beyond the call of duty, even helping out with the handing out of vests which really wasn’t their job at all.

The remainder of the staff is fantastic – there was a smile on every single member of staff’s face, they accommodated every single request of ours without batting an eyelid. A special thank you to John behind the bar who worked non-stop all weekend to keep our guest’s glasses full. William was also fantastic and really assisted us with the sound system and the projector before the rugby when tension was high. I feel bad mentioning just two names because every single member of staff played a vital role in ensuring the success of the weekend.

I would recommend Hadeda Creek unreservedly for any type of weekend (private weekend away or group teambuild/getaway) and I have no doubt that every single guest this weekend would do the same – if you’ll have us back, I would comfortably say that we have found our new home for the next few years.”

– The Dootch Fund Team


“Hi Juane

First we want to say thank you for an amazing camp. Lynette from Kamandonek was superb and Kevin from Hadeda Creek has done an amazing job with the staff. They are happy, motivated, friendly and really looked after us. A big step up from last year. Luke was also superb”

– Sean Muddiman (HeronBridge College)


“Hey Craig and team, I have just chatted to Fiona from St Stithains regarding their 1st Dad and Daughters weekend!! She said it was amazing! Apparently her inbox was so full with mails from the parents that she said it would have blocked my inbox if she sent them to me! Every email had praise about Hadeda Creek. Apparently the girls were upset that it was only for 1 night and not 2. Thank you guys very much, we have secured the Grade 6 trip every year from here onwards!”


“Just want to say we had an absolutely wonderful weekend and everything was of the best standard. Craig, the staff, food, venue and service, everything was wonderful. Thank you.”

Zelda Hin


“Dear Juane, our guide, William, was very friendly and greeted us as we arrived, we had coffee before getting started and he explained everything before we set off. We had perfect weather and the river and bird life was too beautiful for words. The rafting was wonderful fun and William was fantastic. Our lunch was a superb surprise. We really enjoyed it, thank you very much.”

Kathleen Wolmarans


“Thank you so much for a fantastic stay at Hadeda Creek, The staffs were super friendly and entertaining. We really enjoyed the rafting and obstacle course, we will definitely be returning very soon.”

Johan Coetzer


“Hadeda Creek was such a pleasure to stay at, we enjoyed every minute. Food was to die for and the weather made it just that much better!”

– Kelly Rossman


“My family and I had a very enjoyable time , we would recommend the river rafting and definitely to indulge in Hadeda’s homemade bread. Great staff and very friendly and helpful manager.”

– Bennett family


“Best tented accommodation yet, thank you for your great hospitality. Despite the hail and rain Hadeda really catered for every need.”

– Megan Firth


“Great fishing spot and plenty places to enjoy the all Hadeda’s activities. We will be coming back sooner than later. Thank you Craig & Team.”

– Kim Jacobben



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Following the Carte Blanche program, there have been concerns about the state of the water in the Vaal River and especially the levels of Ecoli. The areas that are where the tributaries enter the Vaal after being through the various Townships en route. These are well above the Barrage and as the water traverses down the river there is a natural cleaning and treating process. By the time the river water reaches our camp at  Hadeda Creek the levels of coli are negligible and is very close to drinkable.